Mobile Dating: What Do I Need To Know?

Mobile dating is a very similar concept to online dating. It’s a refined way of doing online dating and you can access it through some services you might already use for online dating. Mobile dating relies on apps to talk to and find new people to date who are local and can share your social circle. Things like Tinder, and lots of other sites offer mobile dating services and it is another string to your bow if you integrate it in to your dating search.

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Mobile dating: Good for the wine bars


There are many advantages to mobile dating, with the main advantage being convenience. A lot of people don’t want to jump on to their computers when they get home from work to look for a date. Mobile dating alleviates the need to sit in front of your computer to look for dates by allowing you to use your cell phone. This means you can look for dates whilst you are on public transport or at other times you wouldn’t be able to use your computer.Mobile dating is convenient and quick allowing you the choice of texting people or using apps in addition to normal online dating.Meeting people like this can be super quick and impromptu, as you might be able to set up a date for the same day, with quick replies from people near you.

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You could find yourself having an impromptu date at any time

Mobile dating works especially well on smartphones, as you can use your GPS to find people who are near to your position and talk to them through the service.Searching and finding people is easy, using the standard profiles and username system that most online dating services use or a short bio that can be read by sending a text message for more information.In Non-USA countries, mobile dating is actually more popular than online dating. The immediacy of being able to meet new, single and interesting people that are near to you is a massive positive for the service.


Put on your tinfoil hat! A lot of people are uneasy about apps or services that collect and use your positional data. Whether or not this bothers you could well be the deciding factor in whether you want to use mobile dating. Another disadvantage is that attractive members are more likely to receive a barrage of unwanted attention from less desirable members, which may make them leave the service. If this happens repeatedly, you are left with only undesirable members. Over time, this will spell doom for the business and service.Data use is also a problem. If you are on a phone contract that doesn’t provide much data, you may well want to use your data allowance on something else, rather than pictures of people you may or may not want to date.Some people also have concern over the immediacy of the results. Using these kinds of services to jump straight to date could be risky, especially if you are in a place you don’t know and nobody knows where you are. These risks can be mitigated somewhat by telling other people where you are going and when you do, so they know where you will be and can call ahead to make sure things are going well. Finding dangerous people doesn’t happen often, but the threat is ever present and you must be vigilant at all time.Whilst these services are a general net good, there’s always the chance of being in a bad situation because of them. Use caution and you should be fine with using mobile dating services. Trust your gut and make sure you are safe when you meet someone new.

Is It For You?

It’s an interesting development in the dating scene and you’d be a fool not to try it once. You’ll find people on these services that might not be on the others and one of them could be really special. On the other hand, it is another thing you have to maintain, another profile to try to write and your personal information on yet another website. Maybe you don’t want this. You’ll have to weight the positives and the benefits of your particular situation and make sure you understand the consequences. Personally, I feel like it is a great advancement in dating technology and the rush of meeting someone from just texting them 20 minutes ago is pretty amazing.Whether or not you make use of it, mobile dating will continue to grow, as well as online dating. Most services are shifting their aims, trying to create more usable mobile websites and applications to retain your attention for longer and get more clicks, so don’t be surprised when some of your favourite sites go mobile only.

Dating Habits You Need To Leave Behind

Unfortunately sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and this is especially true when it comes to dating. The advice I always give to girls, and guys, that are on the dating scene is that it you cannot make someone like you before you like yourself. Confidence is what dating is all about.However, a lack of confidence is not the only way that we shoot ourselves in the foot when we start dating. There are tons and tons of different ways that we end up making mistakes that cost us relationships, dates, and eventual happiness when we are dating. Here are just a few that I hear about all the time that really cause consternation to me, but also to the people involved. If you see yourself in the descriptions below, then you have to change it up before you stand any chance of success in the dating sphere.

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Don’t get too drunk when dating

Getting Drunk

This has to be number one on the list for both boys and girls. The amount of people who end up completely out of it by the end of their dates is amazing, and you wonder what is going through their minds that gets them there.
Of course I do not have to wonder, because I know, and it is that same problem I identified above: confidence. People are terrified about meeting new people and are worried about whether they are going to like them or not. To ease the nerves they have drink, or tow, or three, and so on, until they are uninhibited and feel like they can enjoy themselves and open up. Unfortunately this level is normally beyond that which makes them a decent person to be around and, especially if the other person isn’t drinking too much, the night can quickly turn into a nightmare.
A drink or two on date is cool, drunkenness isn’t.

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You can meet anyone dating

Pining After Lost Love

We all have people in our last that we think about what might have been. Whether this is a past girlfriend or boyfriend that you have split up with, or just a ‘Something About Mary’ style crush that you have harbored for way too long. Either way, it is likely to be standing in the way or you and happiness.
At some point you have to put the last behind you. It doesn’t mean that you will forget, or that you should forget, but you have to eventually see that the past will not be the future and that you must make your own future. Of course keep a special place in your heart for them, but make sure there is plenty of room in your heart for someone new as well.

Dating Losers

This is a common theme in women that ask me for dating advice. There is something about the allure of a bad boy that always attracts otherwise bright women. Some women just like that image, or like the idea of reforming a character, which means that they are always attracted to guys that are bad for them. This drives decent men crazy (but then how many of them are attracted to bimbos without a brain cell in their head) and drives them away.
Women who find themselves always dating losers need to step back and think about what their long-term goals in life are. Do they want to settle down, find real love and start a family? If so, they are unlikely to find that with a guy who steals money or starts drinking at noon. If you are one of these women, look at the guys around you and think where they will be in twenty years’ time, and whether you want to be there with them.

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Enjoy any date you go on

Expecting Men To Do All The Work

Another one that you see in far too many women still. This isn’t the fifties. Women have to pull their weight when it comes to dating. Though plenty of men are willing to act the knight in shining armor to start, they all want a modern woman who will eventually meet them half way.
If you are a girl who wants every door opened for them, presents at every date, and to never buy anything again, then you are going to have trouble finding anyone who isn’t a sugar-daddy in the market for a trophy to hang on his arm. Real women want real men.

Going Too Young

This is definitely a mistake that more men make than women. Whereas women will generally look for someone their own age or a bit older when dating, men nearly always want someone much younger. On dating sites, these are the guys that select the ’18-21′ from the ‘seeking’ drop down. These girls may look good to start with, but they are not who a 40 year old accountant should really be dating. Guys, look for real, experienced women around your age, rather than inexperienced girls just because they have perkier boobs!

What Kind Of Things Should I Do To Get My Ex Back?

Getting your ex back after breaking up with them is hard. There’s no two ways about it, especially if you were the one to be broken up with. If your boyfriend/girlfriend decided to break up with you, then they were obviously willing to put themselves in an uncomfortable position to make their life easier/better overall and this means that it is going to be very hard, if not impossible to get them back.

So, how do you get your ex back quickly and actually keep them?

First of all, you better be ready to put in a lot of work and time in to becoming a better and more attractive person. Your ex was attracted to you at one time else you wouldn’t have ended up dating them for any length of time. You have to figure out what it is that’s attractive about you and focus on improving this aspect of your personality, without turning yourself in to a ingle dimension facsimile of a real person.

You’ve got plenty of time to work on yourself now after the breakup so take this opportunity life has given you to go and do something useful in the time you now have. Don’t sit around on the Internet reading loads of articles about getting your ex back like this one, go and start making yourself better, more confident and more attractive.

This means joining a gym if you don’t already go to one, learning some new skills and relaxing properly. Quit Facebook and Twitter, go out on a limb and get the phone numbers of the people you really want to stay in contact with. This way, you create better and more real connections with people which go much deeper than an electronic friendship will take you.

Taking a look at your last relationship and figuring out the problem areas will give you great insight on where to start making your life better. If you or your friends think you could be more fun and relaxed, try letting go of any preconceptions you have of activities you don’t think you like.

Like your taste buds the things that people enjoy change over time and when you might not have liked doing certain activities before, you might find out that now you actually do!

Getting in to the habit of trying new things and experimenting with your life will set you up well for the future.

Working hard on yourself is grueling and difficult but it is worth it in the end. After a few weeks/months of learning and practicing, you’ll be ready to have a chat with your ex about the relationship. Over the time you should have figured out what the problem in the relationship was.

Maybe, you didn’t listen to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend’s problems and instead simply tried to fix them without any empathy. If you noticed this was a problem, bring it up with your ex and show them how you have changed. It might take a few attempts for them to see the new you but persevere. Maybe the problem wasn’t your fault in the end and it was your ex boyfriend/girlfriend’s problem that led to them breaking up with you. Talk frankly about what you are going to do and how they can help you make things better.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the reason that you started to improve yourself was not only to get your ex back but also to make yourself great in the long run. Even if your ex never wants you back, it can be vindicating to show your ex what they are missing and how them breaking up with you was the best thing they could have done to help you along their way.

Make sure that you are aware of why you are doing things the you are doing and you don’t get lost in the chase of trying to get your ex back. Time and time again, people end up getting their exes back and realize a few weeks later that they didn’t really want their ex back. Especially after they improve themselves and realize the flaws that they never saw in their partners. This can be a horrible thing to see and it is quite depressing to see the sheer amount of couples that get back together only to break up again after a few weeks because either the problems in the relationship were not sorted out or that one of the people in the relationship didn’t realize what they really wanted.

Being mindful of your activities on a day to day basis and realising the real reasons for your courses of action is very liberating and I highly advise you try this at least once.

5 Signs Of Job Burnout And How To Overcome It

Job burnout is whereby you feel physical, mentally and emotionally exhausted from work. In addition to this, you keep having doubt on the value of your work and in your own competency in getting the job done.

Factors that leads to job burnout

When you are not sure of what is expected of you at the work place; in terms of the extent of your responsibility and authority, which may lead you to doing more than your fair share of work. Thus you become easily worn out when doing your job.

When you have unhealthy working relationship at your work place; could be as a result of having a bad manager/boss, having a bully in the office or colleagues who belittle your contribution or if you finding the working condition generally unfriendly.

It can also come as a result of having a “poor job fit“. This is where your core interest and skills as an individual does not match with the type of job you are doing. Basically you don’t love your job, and naturally this can be frustrating.

When the type of job you are doing is always monotonous and very chaotic. If the job requires you to be consistently attentive, highly energetic without giving you time to relax or have fun while doing it.

What are some of the signs that you are having a job burnout?

The following are some of the telltale signs that you are experiencing a job burnout:

  • You attitude towards your job has changed from being enthusiastic to being critical and cynical. When you arrive to work on Mondays, all you can think of is Friday, or in the morning all you think of is the lunch time break or departure time when you’ll get out of your work place.

  • You drag yourself in getting things started and accomplished. You become great at coming up with good excuses than putting effort in meeting deadlines and achieving good results.

  • You are very impatient and quite irritable with your colleagues, clients or customers. You no longer put an effort to make others satisfied and you easily pick quarrel with them.

  • You have no excitement or energy in your work. You would rather be passive in meetings and only do what is required of you; without being active or psyched up going the extra mile in your work.

  • Your body has some unexplainable aches like the backaches, headaches or other types of physical complaints. You feel generally unwell when you are around your work place.

How to overcome job burnout

Try taking a different role. If you are constantly dealing with one type of duty, task or responsibility, try to see if it can be rotated to another competent person, with whom you can easily change roles with.

Get your inspiration back. You can achieve this by reading a book, listening to some music or listen about somebody who did the same type of work for a long time, and they persevered through its ups and downs and made it to success nonetheless.

Be real and truthful to yourself. Acknowledge the fact that you are exhausted and starting to slack in your work and that you should take corrective measures before you ruin your career.

Lastly you need to take control on how much work you handle in your workplace. If there are too many meetings, responsibilities, long working hours. Try to reduce them to a level which will not lead to you straining yourself.


Job burnout can be a real threat to your future career development as well as to the success of the organization you are working for. Managers and staff must make deliberate effort to solve the problem of job burnout, and the approach taken should be friendly to both the boss and the employee. Extreme measures such as firing or quitting the job should not be the solution.

Ways Of Increasing The Home Value

There are 5 ways to increase the value of your home – that won’t cost a fortune! This is regardless of what one intends to do with his or her mortgage. As a matter of fact, there are those who will be improving them in order to make great profits, and there are also those who may like to improve their homes just for the purpose of increasing their overall values. One ought to know that this can be achieved without necessarily sinking a lot of money in such homes.

The truth of the matter is that one can always use some tips which of course do not cost even a single penny or other inexpensive means in order to improve the value of home. So in case it was to be resold, then a prospective buyer would find it ideal purchasing it. Therefore, following below guidelines is of great essence.

Eradication of any junk

First and foremost, you should consider eradicating any junk or clutter which may stand on your way as a stumbling block or eyesore to any potential buyer. Clutter makes the client see the house to be small in size, yet this is not the actual size. Therefore, for a house to be accepted willingly by a potential buyer, it should be free from clutters. This way, it will be viewed by anyone to be larger than its actual size. In the same capacity, establishing a unit for storage is equally a way of increasing the value of a real estate.

Making the land flat through landscaping

Considering the 5 ways to increase the value of your home – That won’t cost a fortune! Landscaping is another vital factor that should not go unmentioned. This is simply due to the fact that through landscaping, there is a way in which a curb is created. Such a curb can be very appealing for either a passerby thus seeing the interest of buying the home, or could be appealing to any potential buyer, leaving him/her with no option, but just to produce money in exchange for the apartment.

Make the walls look fresh and neat by painting

Using a new and fresh paint coat is another way of adding value to a real estate. In order to avoid the unnecessary expenses that could be incurred, one is expected to do the painting by self. There is no need of looking for professional painters once you have the ability to paint.

Refurbish the kitchen to look better

For many prospective clients to accept a house, many of them do focus a lot in the kitchen. Owning a kitchen which appeals to the eyes is one other way of improving a home. This way, it stands chances of being accepted with no hesitation.

Beautify the compound with flowers and mulches

Last, but not least, in order to add value to an apartment, planting trees, flowers and mulches is no exception in this field. When this is done, a customer finds it ideal to buy such a home. These are just, but to mention a few.

3 Effective Exercises That Burn Belly Fat Rapidly

Having a belly fat seems to be a nightmare to everyone who has it. Everyone wants to have an even tummy which appears attractive belly. Achieving this is not as easy as it sounds. Many people have turned to other methods of flattening their bellies such as starving and using fat burners, diet pills and other appetite supplements, which can only be effective when you incorporate some exercises. The key to loosing belly fat much faster is always being in a position to focus on doing the correct exercises that will ensure the fat accumulated on the belly is burned. There is need of doing these exercises fervently and over and over again to facilitate incredible outcomes. Here are some superlatives workouts that will help you melt fat away from your belly forever;

Using upright crunch for legs

In this case, you are required to lie down on a level place where your legs are stretched out but bending your knees to some extent. After placing yourself in that position, you put your hand at the back of your head while attempting to move up the cheek where your belly is. You should however, be careful not to curve the entire body sideways because it could lead to a bad wrench in the back. For the efficacy of the exercise, maintain on keeping your jaw in the air and focus on flexing the muscles of the belly. This exercise when correctly and consistently done can help you lose the lower belly fat quickly.

Riding a bicycle

This is also another best exercise of melting calories accumulated in your belly as well as matching the belly muscles at the same time. First, it requires that you be in possession of a bicycle and know how to ride it. When riding a bicycle, you burn the belly fat while bending your body and through movement peddling muscles. For you to burn that belly fat rapidly, you need to conduct speed bicycling and ensure that you do it over and over again at least every day. If you enjoy being indoors, you can as well purchase a stationary bicycle which you can use in doing this exercise from your compound. The good thing with riding bicycles as an exercise of burning belly fat quickly is that it double as a great and fun way to exercise.

Using ball crunch for this workout

Here, the ball is placed on a level ground and you adjust your body so that you remain lying curved on your rear side and your hands remain at the back of your head. After that, lift your shoulders up but still contract your abdominal muscles and ensure that you balance on the ball. Repeat this exercise severally for about three to four sets. This exercise of using exercise ball however should be performed by someone who is healthy, fit and free from any neck and spinal problems to minimize chances of injury effects. This exercise helps in loosing belly fat and augment quality muscles on your stomach.

Some of the best approaches of acquiring that desired flat and toned tummy is by doing the described exercises continuously and you will love the results.

3 Surefire Ways to Know if You’re Just a Rebound

Say you’ve been looking for a relationship for a long time now and you happen to meet this seemingly heaven sent guy. He makes you feel great about yourself and seems to be great relationship material. However, before you take a risk with this one it’d be a smart move to consider whether or not you’re a rebound. In relationships, it is definitely unfriendly territory and you wouldn’t want to unwittingly become one. So here are a 3 tips to tell if he’s with you for the wrong reasons:

Listen for Signs of Bitterness

Anyone looking to enter a relationship should be in a positive disposition. Hints of negativity about relationships early on are definitely telltale signs of bitterness. If you notice any resentment towards relationships it’s a sign you should take heed of. When someone is bitter it shows that the person still carries quite a bit of emotional baggage from a previous relationship. And you definitely don’t want to bear that burden. So  if you hear him saying, “all women are gold diggers” or my ex was such a tramp, you might want to save yourself from the inevitable trouble and just back out of the relationship.

Commitment Issues

If the guy you’re seeing has apparent issues with long-term commitment, well he might just be your average guy. However, if you start noticing that he can’t even make relationship decisions that define the bounds of your relationship or keep to a promise to have a date with you on Saturday night, you might want to consider your choice guy. It could be a sign that he’s still hung up on the single life, or isn’t ready to let go of the lifestyle he had with his ex. Most rebound relationships are undefined. Usually the newly single party to the relationship is not that willing to offer real commitment or security to his new partner.

Take notice of the Ex

While creating the avenue for comparisons is definitely, not healthy you will want to know his relationship with is ex. Are they still talking? Are they friends? Does he continually talk about his ex? Does he make weepy comments every time about his previous relationship? Does he habitually make comparisons about you and his ex? If he does then he’s still hung-over. And I need not remind you that this is bad news.

Cyberstalking your new prospect can also serve to protect you from harms you might have to deal with in the near future. Is he still “in a relationship” with his ex on Facebook? Are their pictures of fonder memories together still neatly visible in a mushily titled album? If you notice these things, you might want to have a talk with him about it. However, to tell you honestly, it reeks of unresolved relationship issues, making you, a very ripe rebound.

You definitely don’t want to become the rebound girl. No matter how amazing this guy seems to be, so before you become one, take a good look at your prospect and make an assessment. You don’t want to screw yourself over by becoming this guy’s rebound.

Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Using Iphone Camera Vs. A Digital Camera

If you currently own an iPhone and considering purchasing a digital camera as well, it is important to know the pros and cons of the photo capabilities in each device. Since the latest iPhone generations (mostly iPhone 4 and 5) offer a powerful camera with high resolution photo taking features, you might be wondering whether you need to buy a separate digital camera as well.

So this guide is going to help you discover the major pros and cons of using your iPhone camera vs. having a separate digital camera to take photos. Knowing this information helps you save money and only invest on the best cost-effective digital camera solution that you need.

1. Higher Megapixel Resolution and Picture Quality

While iPhone 4S and the new iPhone 5 offer a reasonable 8-megapixel camera, the fact that whether this photo resolution is enough for you or not totally depends on you. For everyday casual picture taking, the iPhone camera offers a good enough clarity and lighting in order to make beautiful and sharp photos.

However if you are a fan of professional photography and care a great deal about the minor details of making that perfect photo to capture a perfect moment, you may want to invest in buying a more advanced digital camera offering a higher megapixel resolution.

2. Save Money on Buying a Separate Digital Camera

If you are on a tight budget, having an iPhone plus investing in a digital camera may not be your best. You can easily save hundreds of dollars by simply taking advantage of your iPhone built-in camera that offers a reasonable, high quality picture taking capability for personal use.

3. Easy Convenient Access Anywhere You Are

When you own a stand-alone digital camera, there might be times when you are rushing out and forget to bring your camera with you. Whether it is going on a vacation, attending your friend’s birthday party, or simply going out for a lovely walk on the beach in the morning to watch the sunrise, you may later wish you had taken your camera with you.

But when using your iPhone camera features, you can simply rest assured that your camera is always right there in your pocket. Because few people – no matter how forgetful they may be – forget to bring their phones when walking out of the house. So you will never miss out on a beautiful photo moment ever again.

4. Share Your Photos with Friends on Social Networking Sites Easily

When taking photos using the iPhone camera, you can easily share them with your friends and family via email and also social networking sites – such as Facebook. Posting your photos online on Instagram and other online photo sharing services is also just a click away. Digital cameras, however, do not provide wifi connectivity and photo sharing options.

5. Professional Lighting Effects to Take More Professional Photos

While there are some apps on the iPhone to edit and improve your photos later, you cannot do it on the spot when shooting a video or making a photo. However, almost all digital cameras come with advanced light adjustment and powerful zooming features that help your photos look more vivid and beautiful.

So if you are considering using an iPhone built-in camera vs. a stand-alone professional digital camera, you can review the top 5 pros and cons above to help you with your decision.

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